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Friday, April 22, 2011

Update: Communal attack on Jumma villages by Bengali settlers in Ramgarh and Manikchari

Update: Communal attack on Jumma villages by Bengali settlers in Ramgarh and Manikchari

21 April, 2011

The Jumma villagers of 6 villages in Ramgarh and Manikchari whose houses were burnt to ashes have still been living under open sky in the jungle.
It is learnt that 10 kgs of rice and 1 kg of dal were distributed to the victims in Manikchari on 18 April 2011 from the office of the Upazila Nirbahi Officer of Manikchari.
On 20 April 2011 Marma Unnayan Sangsad (MUS) distributed relief to the 98 families of Jumma victims and 8 families of Bengali settlers. They handed over all the relief for Jumma victims to the Relief Distribution Committee that was formed by the victims. Mr. Kongjuri Marma and Sathowai Marma have been working as Convenor and Member-Secretary of the committee respectively. MUS distributed one metric tone of rice, salt, sidol, utensils, clothes etc to the victims.
Security Forces and Bengali leaders including Awami League leaders tried to oppose MUS to distribute relief to the victims. Military forces stopped the convoy carrying relief of MUS at Zero Mile of Khagarchari, then at Matiranga and Jatia Para respectively while they were proceeding toward Shonkhola Para of Hafchari in Ramgarh upazila. Vehicles of relief team of MUS were also thrown brickbats at Pathachari area by unidentified miscreants while they were returning to Khagrachari.
Another relief team led by Rabi Shankar Talukdar, President of Khagrachari Jumma Contractors Welfare Association was not allowed to distribute relief.
Affected families:
It is learnt that total number of houses of Jumma villagers burnt in six villages is 98 (including two Buddhist temples), total shops of Jummas looted are 4, total Jumma wounded are 20 and total Bengali settlers killed are 4. However, many Jummas remain missing while Bengali settlers claimed that 8 houses were burnt down in this incident.
Village wise number of houses of Jumma villagers burnt down:
Name of the village
No. of houses
Shonkhola Para
Suludong Para
Remaram Para
Toikarma Para
Kyajai Karbari Para


Shops of Jummas that were ransacked and looted in Manikchari bazaar are 4.
Two Jummas burnt to death
It is reported that aged father and an infant of Mr. Thuichai Marma of Shonkhola Para of Hafchari union in Ramgarh were burnt to death during arson attack on 17 April 2011. The victims were identified as Mr. Repruchai Marma (72 year) and Ruichai Marma (2-month old). On 20 April 2011 some bones were recovered from the ashes of the burnt house while MUS went there for distributing the relief.
It is learnt that wife of Thuichai Marma went out home for their cows leaving her father-in-law Repruchai Marma and child at home. In the mean time, Bengali settlers set fire on their house and the victims were burnt to death.

Source: pcjss-cht

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