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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Unofficial relief activity cannot be conducted: DC

Unofficial relief activity cannot be conducted: DC

April 23, 2011

THE Deputy Commissioner of Khagrachari, Anisul Haq Bhuian, has refused to allow relief materials to be distributed among Ramgarh attack victims, saying that no unofficial relief activity can be carried out in the area.

Sources said, members of the Surjo Shikha Club were scheduled to distribute relief materials among the victims yesterday, but the police prevented them.

Chanchu Moni Chakma said he had a meeting with Khagrachari District Council Chairman, Kujendra Lal Tripura, on 21 April and sought his help in carrying the relief supplies to the victims.

“When Mr. Tripura assured us of his cooperation, we took preparation to move ahead.” he added.

After the police asked the Club not to take the relief goods to the victims, Chanchu Moni Chakma and Monju Lal Dewan called on the Deputy Commissioner yesterday.

The DC told them that no relief material could be taken to the victims without prior permission from both the MP (Jatindra Lal Tripura) and the Minister (Dipankar Talukder). However, he said he would let them know the final reply after two hours (1:00pm).

After two hours, they contacted the DC again who asked them to wait for another two hours.

At 4pm, the DC finally told them that no unofficial relief operation could be conducted and asked them to hand over their relief materials to the district administration.

The DC reiterated the same when Milan Dewan (Monag) of another organisation called on him to ask for his cooperation in the distribution of relief materials to the Ramgarh victims.

On 21 April, Sukriti Jiban Chakma, a Jumma refugee leader, called on Dipankar Talukder, minister of Chittagong Hill Tracts Affairs, while the later was on a visit to Ramgarh, and raised the issue of relief distribution with him.

The Minister told him that there was no restriction on distribution of relief to the victims by non-government organiations and ordered the DC and SP, who were present there, to provide necessary help in this regard.

Yet, the DC continues to refuse to allow the Jumma organisations to distribute relief among the victims.

“It’s a snub to the Minister.” an NGO executive commented.

“We don’t know why the DC and the whole administration are behaving like this. It’s supremely inhuman not to allow relief to reach the victims who have been left without food and shelter after the attack.” he said.

Source: chtnews.com

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