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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bangladeshi Media and the Ramgarh Communal Attack

Bangladeshi Media and Ramgarh Communal Attack

Bangladeshi mainstream media has been overflown with biased news about Ramgarh incident. The  journalists try to retain objectivity in their news. However, all news articles are being filtered by the security forces before they get published and thus the public is not made aware of the real story.  If you look at the the Bangladeshi dailies, you will see news and pictures of injured and dead Bengali settlers. How come they never dare to publish the pictures of these injured Indigenous people?

photo: Joti Ranjan Chakma (undergoing treatment in Chittagong)

Photo: an unnamed Jumma girl drenched in blood. The picture was taken with a mobile phone set from Jaliapara on 17 April by a Marma police who was on his way to Chittagong from Khagrachari.

Stories and pictures about dead and wounded indigenous people are never published despite having the same or more evidences that can support the incidents. Why media ignored to mention that the four Bengali people went to grab lands from the indigenous people and attacked them upon their refusal of giving up their lands still remains a question.

Favoritism in Bengali media is  pretty explicit. Media blamed the indigenous people for killing the four Bengali people; it is almost as if media depicts the Bengalis as saints while reality is the opposite.

How does one expect an indigenous person to stand for and defend himself while the media portrays him as the culprit? On top of everything, what happened to those missing indigenous people who were forcibly taken off from buses by the Bengali settlers? Let us show you the truth while media speaks false fables.

Photo: Buddha Statues burnt down to ashes by the Muslim settler people on 17th April 2011 at Ramgarh.

We wonder how Bangladesh still considers itself a secular country!!!!!!

- ChtnewsUpdate team.