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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Army raid in Kudukchari

 Army raid in Kudukchari

February 18, 2011

THE army is conducting raids and searches in a number of Jumma
villages in Kudukchari including Headmanpara, latest reports say.

The raids began after nightfall today and are still ongoing (10pm).

At least four persons have reportedly been tortured in Headmanpara
village. They are Shukra Raj Chakma, 40, Jyana Raj Chakma, 38,
Birendra Chakma alias Jamuro, 30, and Shanti Prio Chakma.

Of them, Shukra Raj and Gyana Raj were arrested and taken away, while
the other two have been left behind after beating.

In Kudukchari Moddya Para village three Jummas -- Sajeeb Chakma,
Bandojya Chakma and Meghnad Chakma -- have been reportedly tortured.

They were at a tea shop when the army came and beat them.

Huge number of army personnel also took position at different
locations in Kudukchari and camped at Kudukchari Residential School,
sources said.

source: chtnews.com

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