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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lighting thousand candles: Sajek-Khagrachari attack victims remembered

Lighting thousand candles: Sajek-Khagrachari attack victims remembered

February 23, 2011

THOUSANDS of candles have been lighted in a number of Buddhist temples
throughout the CHT in memory of those killed in deadly communal
attacks in Sajek last year.

Hundreds of men and women participated in the ‘Lighting Thousand
Candles’ program today called by Sajek Nari Samaj (Sajek Women’s

Today also marks one year since the attack on Jumma residential areas
in Khagrachari.

The Khagrachari attack was carried out two days after the Sajek
attack, which left at least four Jumma people dead.

The settlers had burnt down 39 houses and business establishments in
their brutal attack in Khagrachari.

In Khagrachari, the ‘lighting thousand candle’ was held at Yoongdaw
Buddhist temple, Shibli Buddhist temple, Upali Buddhist temple,
Dashbal Buddhist temple and Dharmapur Bana Vihar.

Similar programmes were also held in different temples in Panchari,
Mahalchari, Dighinala, Guimara, Laxmichari and Ramgarh.

In Rangamati, the program was held in a number of Buddhist temples
including Ratnagkur Buddist temple, Shankholapara Binoy Ratna Buddhist
temple, Borpulpra Shakyomoni Buddhits temple, South Morachengi Moitree
Buddhist temple, Gorjontoli Shakyamuni Buddhist temple, Jagonatoli
Chittananda Buddhist temple, Banduk Bhanga Bharbochug Bana Vihar and
Likyangchara Buddhist temple.

source: chtnews.com

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