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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Army tortures more Jummas in Kudukchari

Army tortures more Jummas in Kudukchari

 February 18, 2011

DOZENS more Jummas have been tortured by army in Kudukchari,
Rangamati, sources say.

A group of army personnel from Kudukchari camp raided Khamar Para
village in Sapchari at 9:30am today and beat up ten Jumma villagers.

The torture victims are Mongol Das Chakma, 20, son of Koilash Das
Chakma, Rupayan Chakma, 25, son of Dharma Chandra Chakma, Tongo Moni
Chakma, 45, son of Batya Chakma, Sonaiey Chakma, 17, son of Oro Moni
Chakma, Mintu Chakma, 18, son of Kala Ram Chakma, Priti Moy Chakma,
30, son of Binoy Bhushan Chakma, Biton Chakma, 18, son of Moni Chakma,
Mongol Raj Chakma, 22, son of Tuttro Chakma, Kishto Raja Chakma, 30,
son of Tuttro Chakma and Jamini Chakma, 40.

In a similar raid in the village of Kudukchari Uparpara the army beat
up whoever they came across.

Two of their torture victims have been identified as Bhagyo Dhan
Chakma, 27, son of Purno Kumar Chakma and Bhadra Sen Chakma alias
Phoriya, 22, son of Chondo Chakma.

Panicked, the villagers fled in every direction.

The soldiers then entered the house of Kandor Singh Chakma, the
village chief, and took away seven pairs of Burgi (homemade sheets of
clothes) from him.

They also broke into the house of Rabi Chandra Chakma in the village
and took away four energy saving bulbs.

In an overnight raid last night in the village of Kudukchari Moddyo
Para the army tortured five Jumma people.

They are Ranga Chan Chakma son of Chandu Chakma (He is from
Naraichari, Dighinala and came to the village to visit his relatives),
Sajib Chakma, 22, son of Surendra Lal Chakma, Bandojya Chakma, 25, son
of Buddha Charan Chakma, Meghnad Chakma, 32, son of Kripa Dhan Chakma
and Nipon Chakma, 17, son of Kripa Dhan Chakma.

The army also carried out a raid in Headman Para village and beat up
four persons. (Please read news No. 23)

According to Alakesh Chakma, a UPDF leader in Kudukchari, about one
hundred Jummas were tortured for participating in his party’s rally
organised yesterday to protest the 17-February settler attacks on two
Jumma villages in Longudu.

At least five shops belonging to the Jumma people in Kudukchari bazaar
have been looted and damaged, he said.

He further said the army had raided and ransacked the UPDF office yesterday.

“The army pulled down the signboard of the UPDF office, destroyed a
computer, a hand mike and a shelf, and then took away all the valuable
party documents.” he added.

Of the torture victims, HWF leader Bipasha Chakma was admitted to a
hospital in Chittagong.

Her condition has been stated to be critical.

A half-day blockade of roads and waterways called by UPDF is being
enforced today.

The army arrested five Jummas during its crackdown on the UPDF
demonstration yesterday and handed them over to the police.

The arrested Jummas are Barendra Chakma, 32, son of Somacharan Chakma
of village Khamar Para, Sapchari (He is an auto rickshaw CNG driver),
Rup Moni Chakma, 25, son of Thangulo Chakma of village Khamar Para (He
is also a CNG driver), Joybo Chakma, 32, son of Udolya Chakma of
village Chongrachari (He is a sweeper at Kudukchari bazaar), Gyana Lal
Chakma, 32, son of Juronto Kumar Chakma of village Langel Para,
Ghilachari and Shubho Dwip Chakma, 15, son of late Nigira Dhan Chakma
(He is a student of class nine in Ghilachari High School).

source: chtnews.com

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