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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Settlers attack Jumma village in Longodu

 Settlers attack Jumma village in Longodu

THE settlers have attacked a Jumma village in Longudu in Rangamati district.

Sources said hundreds of Bengali settlers attacked Rangipara village
in at 6pm at the end of a rowdy demonstration with the dead body of a
settler today.

The circumstances in which the settler was killed could not be known.
Some allege that he was kidnapped and killed by armed miscreants

However, a UP chairman, who wished not to be named, said the deceased
was suffering from epilepsy. On the day he died he went to collect
firewood near his village of Rangipara.

The attackers set a number of houses ablaze and carried out widespread lootings.

Before the attack the settlers took out a procession carrying the dead
body, and the local administration did nothing to protect the Jummas.

The Border Guards Bangladesh (formerly, Bangladesh Rifles, BDR) did
nothing to stop the attackers, Jummas alleged.

Jummas in Tintila, Manekjor Chara and Boradom have fled their homes in
fear. These villages are situated near settler villages.

Mr. Chironjeet Talukder, headman of Guichari Mouza, could not say how
many houses have been burnt down.

“The first house set on fire belongs to Shukra Chakma. Jummas are
trying to defend the remaining houses and facing off the settlers.” he

He said gun shots were heard from Gulchakhali, a settler area.
Tensions are running high.

The UPDF has condemned the attack and urged the government to bring
the attackers to justice.

UPDF will hold protest demonstrations tomorrow, Shanti Dev Chakma said.

JSS (Santu) rally
Another report says the RC chairman and JSS Santu faction president
Santu Larma is reportedly in Baghaihat at the moment. He is scheduled
to attend a rally at Longudu tomorrow.

The murderer of Hamidul, the fisherman whose dead body was found
floating on Kaptai lake water on 4 February, has been identified as
Mohammad Salam son of Sekander of Tila No. 18 in Burighat.

The settlers tried to use the incident to fan communal tension in the
area and held a rally on 8 February.

The settlers also filed a case against some UPDF leaders and local
people in connection with his murder.

The police tried to arrest Salam yesterday but he was able to run
away, a UP member told chtnews.com.

source: chtnews.com

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