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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Three Jumma students arrested in Subholong

Three Jumma students arrested in Subholong

February 20, 2011

THREE Jumma students have been arrested in Subholong in Rangamati
district, sources say.

A group of army personnel led by Lt. Mashud Rana (36 Bengal) from
Subholong camp raided the village of Shilar Dak in Ward No. 1 at noon
and picked them up from a wedding ceremony.

The arrestees are Sumon Chakma, 14, son of Bimal Chakma, an eighth
grade student of Noadam Junior High School in Bandukbhanga; Ujwal
Chakma, 14, son of Sadhan Chakma, also a class eight student of
Barunachari High School in Subholong; and Shubho Chakma, 17, son of
Mahabahu Chakma, a class ten student of Kattoli High School, Longudu.

They were helping the organisers of the wedding ceremony when they
army arrested them.

They have been taken to Subholong camp after the arrest.

On their way back to the camp the soldiers came across four Jumma
woodcutters and took away their Dhamas (cutting implements) from them.

They were cutting “permit trees” when the incident took place.

The names of those whose dhamas have been taken away are Subhash
Chakma, Kalaya Chakma, Guri Mohan Chakma and Lambaya Chakma.

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