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Monday, February 14, 2011

PCP holds right to mother tongue rallies across CHT

PCP holds right to mother tongue rallies across CHT
  February 12, 2011


THE Hill Students Council (PCP) has held rallies across the Chittagong
Hill Tracts demanding the right to education up to primary level in
ethnic nationalities’ own languages, defying ban on rallies and amid
disruption by the army and police, a PCP press release signed by
Shimul Chakma says.

In Naniachar, the local administration imposed section 144 prohibiting
gathering of people while a huge contingent of army personnel was
deployed at various locations.

The PCP held a rally at an open ground near Modhupur bazaar in
Khagrachari town at 12 noon with Sujel Chakma, president of PCP
Khagrachari Sadar Thana unit, in the chair. (Photo attached)

When the PCP activists tried to bring out a procession after the
rally, the police intervened and refused to allow it to happen.

At 11am the PCP activists took out a procession from Panchari college
ground. When it reached Panchari bus station, the police intercepted.

The PCP members then returned to College gate and held a rally in
front of Buddha Mondir.

In Dighinala the PCP held a rally at Bharadhaj Muni Memorial ground at
Babupara with local PCP leader Jibon Chakma in the chair.

There have been no reports of police disruptions from there. The rally
was peaceful.

In Mahalchari, south of Khagrachari town, the police refused to allow
the PCP to hold its rally at Babupara.

They dismantled the stage prepared for the rally.

Later, at 12 noon the PCP shifted the venue to Maischari bazaar and
held the rally there.

The police dispersed a procession by PCP members when it reached
Guimara High School.

PCP president Aongay Marma led the procession.

Later, the PCP held a rally at Rameshu bazaar.

A rally was scheduled to be held at Manikchari college ground.
However, the local administration refused to allow the PCP to hold the
rally there.

The venue was then shifted to Hatimura bazaar. Again, the police tried
to cause disruptions, and the PCP had to cut short its programme.

The brief rally was addressed by Apruchi Marma, president of PCP
Khagrachari district unit.

No disruptive activities have been reported from Kudukchari in
Rangamati district. The PCP held its rally at Kudukchari bazaar at
11:15am. This was followed by a procession.

Over 200 students took part in the rally.

Military as well as paramilitary VDP personnel were deployed at
different locations including Patachari, Noadam, Boradam,
Khullyangpara, Phiringi Para, Maischari, T & T and College area, while
the local administration clamped section 144 prohibiting assembly of
five or more persons.

The army also closed all roads leading to T& T, the venue of the PCP rally.

Despite that, the PCP held a rally at T & T ground at 1pm.

Presided over by Prantor Chakma, vice president of PCP Naniachar unit,
the rally was also addressed by Ripon Chakma and Bipasha Chakma.

They condemned the role of the army and local administration in
disrupting their peaceful rally.

In Kaokhali the PCP took out a procession from Kochukhali at 11am.
Later, it held a rally at Kochukhali school ground with Shukrosen
Chakma in the chair.

The rally was also addressed, among others, by Thuikoching Marma,
Bablu Chakma, Chikan Chakma and Uthoaiching Marma.

Next programmes
The PCP will hold rallies at district headquarters on 18 February and
enforce class boycotts in schools and colleges on 20 February to press
home its five-point charter of demands.

The demands are right to education up to primary level in ethnic
nationalities’ own languages, deletion of any derogatory statements
from text books, inclusion in school and college syllabuses of books
on political history of the CHT, inclusion in national curricula of an
introductory book in which a brief but accurate information is to be
laid out about all the ethnic nationalities of Bangladesh and
revocation of Parbattyo quota and introduction of Pahari quota.


source: chtnews.com

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