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Sunday, February 20, 2011

UPDF marks one year since Sajek attacks

UPDF marks one year since Sajek attacks

February 19, 2011

THE United Peoples Democratic Front (UPDF) has marked one year since
the gruesome attack on Jumma villages in Sajek that left at least four
Jummas dead and nearly five hundred houses burnt.

The UPDF today staged a candle light vigil in Khagrachari in
commemoration of the victims. (photo attached)

Sajek Nari Samaj was also scheduled to hold a discussion in Sajek to
mark the day, but the army prevented them.

About 200 people attended the candle light vigil, which was held in
front of UPDF office at Swanirbhor at 6:30pm.

UPDF leaders Ujwal Smriti Chakma and Kalo Priyo Chakma made brief
speeches at the gathering.

They expressed their anger at the failure of the government to punish
those responsible for the violent attack that evoked national and
international condemnation.

“It’s been one year since the attack took place, and yet the culprits
have not been made to face justice.” Ujwal said.

 “This is such failures on the part of the government, such blanket
impunity given to the attackers, which encourages further attacks on
Jumma people.” he said referring to the recent attack in Longudu.

The Sajek attacks carried out jointly by army and Bengali settlers on
19 and 20 February last year had left four Jummas dead and nearly five
hundred houses burnt.

The government even failed to form an inquiry committee to probe the
incident, let alone bring the culprits to book.

One year on, the Jummas in Sajek still live in atmosphere of fear and
insecurity, while the army continues to intimidate them.

The Sajek attack was followed by similar attacks in Khagrachari town
on 23 February.

Several Jumma houses were burnt down in the organised attack.


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