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Friday, February 18, 2011

UPDF holds demonstrations against Longudu attack, calls for road blockade

UPDF holds demonstrations against Longudu attack, calls for road blockade
 February 18, 2011


DEMONSTRATIONS have been held in Rangamati, Khagrachari and Dhaka in
protest against the yesterday’s settler attack on Jumma villages in
Longudu, Rangamati.

A Hill Women’s Federation leader has been badly hurt when members of
the Village Defense Party (VDP) attacked a UPDF demonstration in
Kudukchari, Rangamati. The army also arrested a young student
demonstrator, UPDF leaders said.

The protest demonstrations were held after the Hill Students Council
postponed its student rally for right to primary education in ethnic
nationalities’ own languages scheduled to be held today.

UPDF has called for a half-day road and waterways blockade for
tomorrow in Rangamati district.

Ms Bipasha Chakma, a HWF leader, was injured when the VDP personnel
attacked a demonstration without provocation in Kudukchari. She has
been admitted to a hospital in Chittagong.

The VDPs also took part in widespread lootings in Kudukchari bazaar.

Hundreds of people attended the UPDF rally that began at 11am. A
procession followed the rally at 12 noon.

When the procession reached Kudukchari Bridge the VDPs attacked it,
injuring Bipasha seriously. She sustained injuries in her head.

The military and VDP personnel also raided and ransacked the UPDF
office and took away all the documents from there.

They also looted a furnisher shop belonging to Ram Prashad Chakma,
three grocery shops belonging to Swadhin Chandra Chakma, Akshoy
Chandra Chakma and Shanti Ranjan Chakma and smashed Dipti Digital

The army broke into and searched the house of Shonkatish Barua, and
snatched a mobile hand set from Kiron Dhar, his tenant.

Dipon Chakma, a class nine student, was also arrested during the raid.

Road blockade
The UPDF has called for a blockade of roads and waterways in Rangamati
district for tomorrow to protest the Longudu attack. The call was made
from Kudukchari rally.

The blockade will last from 6am till 2pm. However, ambulances, fire
service, vehicles supplying emergency life saving drugs and carrying
media persons will be exempt from the blockade.

Peoples on their way to attend a protest rally were stopped at various
points in Khagrachari.

The army and police stopped 4 jeeps at Matiranga, 3 in Bhaibone Chara
and 2 in Zero Mile. The jeeps were carrying UPDF supporters.

Huge contingents of army and police were also deployed at different
locations of Khagrachari town including Swanirbhor area.

They ordered all the owners of decoration shops not to sell their
services to the UPDF.

Despite such hindrances, the UPDF took out a procession from
Khabangpujjya and held a rally at Kashem’s Saw Mill area.

President of Democratic Youth Forum Khagrachari district unit Remin
Chakma, vice president of PCP central committee Kyala Ching Marma and
president of PCP Khagrachari district unit Apruchi Marma addressed the

Terming the attacks on Jumma villages in Longude as despicable, they
said the ultra-communalist forces use every single pretext -- right or
wrong – to mount attacks on Jumma people. The Longudu attack followed
the set pattern.

The leaders directed scathing criticism at the role of the local
administration, saying the Border Guards Bangladesh personnel had in
fact provided support to the settlers instead of dissuading them.

The settlers set 24 houses including a Unicef-run Para Kendra (village
centre) on fire, they alleged.

Protest demonstrations were also held at Muktangon in Dhaka, capital
of Bangladesh.

The Hill Students Council organised these demos.

source: chtnews.com

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