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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Six Jummas tortured in Naniachar

Six Jummas tortured in Naniachar

February 23, 2011

AT least six Jummas have been tortured in Naniachar as hundreds of
villagers blocked Khagrachari – Rangamati road at Choudda Mile,
protesting a bid to grab land by settlers.

Of the tortured, five are school boys – from Betchari General Somani
High School. They were beaten by a group of soldiers from Naniachar
zone at 10am.

Their names are Suken Chakma son of Indra Bilash Chakma (class nine);
Dipon Chakma son of Sumi Ranjan Chakma (class nine); Refine Chakma son
of Tarani Ranjan Chakma (class eight); Intu Chakma son of Ananda
Bilash Chakma (class seven); and Rifel Chakma son of Sumati Ranjan
Chakma (class eight).

While Suken Chakma is from Hajachari village, the rest four are from Dojor Para.

The army tortured them at Betchari bazaar without reason.

In another incident, the settlers beat Pintu Lal Chakma, 32, son of
Pottey Moni Chakma at Betchari.

The incident took place at 12 noon when Pintu was on his way to
Maischari to visit his father-in-law.

He was traveling on foot as no vehicles were plying on Rangamati –
Khagrachari road owing to the road blockade programme.

The settlers also took away a mobile hand set, money and clothes from him.

Organiser of UPDF Rangamati district unit, Alakesh Chakma and
Democratic Youth Forum convener Mithun Chakma condemned the beating of
the innocent Jummas and demanded that the government stops land
grabbing in Chouddha Mile and elsewhere in the CHT and returns those
already taken away.

They said the ultra communal elements in the army and settlers are
plotting to push the CHT towards instability and conflict.

They urged all the peace loving citizens to remain on guard against it.

source: chtnews.com

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