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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Two Jumma villagers arrested in Naniachar

Two Jumma villagers arrested in Naniachar

February 09, 2011

TWO innocent Jumma villagers have been arrested during a military
operation in Naniachar under Rangamati district.

Sources said a group of army personnel from Burighat camp under
Naniachar zone raided the village of Sapmara today.

The soldiers encamped at Sapmara Primary school and searched the area.

They arrested Rajeeb Kanti Chakma, 26, son of Surjo Mohan Chakma and
Batya Chakma, 28, son of Ol Chakma – both from Langelpara village.
They were on their way to Naniachar bazaar.

The army beat them up and then took them to their camp. They have not
been released till the filing of this report at 7:30pm.

The military also carried out raids in Khullyangpara and T&T area.

At 9am, the soldiers raided a tea shop belonging to Iswarchandra
Chakma (son of Chandra Sukh Chakma) at Khullyangpara and harassed him.

They tried to find pretexts to arrest him and another Jumma named
Manek Lal Chakma alias Mereya.

The soldiers then ordered them to report to the army if the UPDF
members come to the tea shop, saying: “UPDF members must not be
allowed to gossip at the shop.”

The army men also took the mobile numbers of Ishwar Chandra Chakma and
some other Jummas present at the shop.

source: chtnews.com

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