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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Burning down of UPDF office in Kaokhali: culprits identified

Burning down of UPDF office in Kaokhali: culprits identified

February 21, 2011

SOME of those involved in the burning down of the UPDF office in
Kaokhali, Rangamati have been identified.

The UPDF office was burnt down by some unruly Bengali students in the
morning today.

Witnesses said Md. Sultan was driving his CNG auto rickshaw from
Kaokhali bazaar to Shamukchari carrying passengers.

A student of Kaokhali College, named Osman Gani Khandakar, waved his
hand signaling the auto rickshaw to halt.

But Sultan defied the signal and drove to Shamukchari to drop his passengers.

When Sultan was coming back to take more passengers (today was market
day) Osman stopped his vehicle in front of the college and got into a
squabble with him.

When this was going on the college demonstrator, Dipon Chakma,
appeared there and began to settle the dispute between them.

At this stage three curious Jumma (Marma) students came there to see
what was going on.

Osman did not like it and began to scold them. Then a heated
altercation ensued between Osman and the Jumma students.

At one stage, Osman punched one of the Jumma students, who made a
counter-attack without delay.

Later, Osman organised his fellow Bengali students and torched the UPDF office.

The office was open but when the Bengalis came to attack, all those
present at the office ran away in fear.

All important documents and the office furnisher were burnt in the blaze.

Some of those involved in the attack have been identified as Osman
Gani, Mohammad Ali, Shipon, Rubel, Shohag, Anwarul, Zainal, Abdullah,
Akhtar and Shohel.

The Bengali students also attacked some other Jumma people who came to
bazzar and tried to create a communal riot.

Some of those tortured are Rechi Marma, 50, son of Thoi Aung Marma of
village Harangi Para, Thoia Aung Marma, 45, of village Kochu Khali,
Paithu Marma, 60, wife of Ula Aung Marma of village Ghilachari.

Of them, Rechi Marma is now under treatment at Kaokhali Hospital. The
rest have been released after first aid.

After the incident the Upazila administration called an emergency
meeting in which a three-member UPDF team led by PCP president Aongay
Marma was also present.

The meeting, held at 2:30pm, was also attended by Kaokhali UNO Golam
Mostafa, Ghagra zone commander Hassan, OC Shyamal Kanti Barua,
Kaokhali Upazila chairman Aungsha Prue Chowdhury, vice chairman Arjun
Moni Chakma, Ghagra UP chairman Md. Khokan, Kalampati UP chairman
Kyajai Marma and district council member Aungsa Prue Marma.

The UPDF team narrated the incident and urged the local authorities to
take action against the attackers.

All those present at the meeting regretted the attack on the UPDF
office, but the authorities including the police failed to commit
themselves to taking action against those involved in the attack.

UPDF leader Shanti Dev Chakma condemned the attack on their office and
the innocent Jumma people and urged the local administration to bring
the culprits to justice.

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